Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Albums of the Year 2016 - Top 17

I know I promised a Top 15 a couple days ago, but the list has magically evolved into a Top 17!
This year has sucked, both personally and globally, but there is always music to shed some much needed light & love.  My Top 2 albums of the year feature artists who have left us.  Depressing as it may be, it really encapsulates what this year has given us.  Just remember, no matter how shitty life may be, we here at Ooberus Oblivious promise to keep bringing you the POP! goods day in and day out!!
Now, I present, from 1-17, my favorite albums of the year!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

1.  School of Seven Bells - "SVIIB"

2.  David Bowie - "Blackstar"

3.  Pet Shop Boys - "Super" 

4.  Get Well Soon - "Love"

5.  The Radio Dept. - "Running Out of Love"

6.  The Divine Comedy - "Foreverland"

7.  Suede - "Night Thoughts"

8.  Oscar - "Cut and Paste

9.  Coco Morier - "Dreamer

10.  Elysian Fields - "Ghosts of No"

11.  Baby Alpaca - "Underwater

12.  Kristin Kontrol - "X-Communicate"

13.  Ladyhawke - "Wild Things"

14.  IRAH - "Into Dimensions

15.  Wildhart - "Shine"

16.  Still Corners - "Dead Blue

17.  Cat's Eyes - "Treasure House

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