Friday, December 23, 2016

EPs of the Year 2016

Here are my favorite EPs of 2016!!

1+1.  Get Well Soon - "Born With Too Much Love (The Collected Confessions of Zoltán D.)" +
Lush - "Blind Spot"
I couldn't choose between these two pieces of brilliance for an ultimate favorite of the year, so they get to share TOP BILLING!!  Get Well Soon continues to add "bonus" EPs that rival the greatness of their albums.  Lush returned after however long with their first new music in years and it is just what I wanted.

2.  Silver Swans - "Illusions"
They haven't given us a new album in a few years and this EP hit me by surprise a few short weeks ago.  It is exactly what we want from Silver Swans.  Chilly, gorgeous synth pop.

3.  Braids - "Companion"
This EP is art pop at its finest.  The title track is minimalist beauty.  The EP delivers four tracks that just give me the feels.  

4.  Fujiya & Miyagi - "EP1"
F&M never disappoint but something about these two EPs they've given us this year is just a step above!  I cannot wait for part 3!!!

5.  Fujiya & Miyagi - "EP2"
More greatness from these calculated popsters!

6. Wildhart - "EP1"
  Wildhart delivers pop greatness out of Sweden.  I'm enjoying this trend of simple record names.

7.  Invader Girl - "Dark Light"
Last minute entry on the list.  Invader Girl is POP!!  So Good!!!

8.  Holy Ghost! - "Crime Cutz"

9.  Computer Magic - "Obscure but Visible"
Just more awesome synth pop stylings from CM.  Love her!!

10.  Massive Attack - "Ritual Spirit"
DARK POP with some of the year's best videos!! 

11.  Deerful - "Staying Still"
One of the cutest sounding records made during a depression.  I love that counterbalance.  

12.  VÉRITÉ - "Living EP"
Sexy POP! 

13.  Mt. Si - "Limits"
Cascine always gives us exciting new acts and Mt. Si released this beauty early in the year and I knew it would be somewhere on this list the moment I heard it.

14.  Chrysta Bell - "Somewhere in the Nowhere"
The sexiest EP of the year!!

15.  Paperwhite - "Escape"
Great pop here!!  "Unstoppable" is a bad-ass jam!!

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