Friday, December 9, 2016

Songs of the Year 2016 - Part 1

I have been compiling this list since early January and been whittling it down to a "decent" number in the past few months.  That number stands at 71...71 of my favorite tracks this year!!  Odd numbers are weird, but 2016 has been a very weird year.
For 8 days, I am going to pound you hard with POP!...synth pop, pop-pop, goth pop, indie pop, art pop, dream pop, POP!, all culminating on Dec. 16th with my SONG OF THE YEAR SUPER AWARD WINNER (this award has not actually been determined yet!)!!!
Here are tracks 71-62:

71.  Dylan Mondegreen - Lost in a Song
      This song is really a life anthem, surely for Dylan and definitely for me as well.  As evidenced by my music obsession & this blog, I hope I am "lost in a song" for the rest of my life.  This is twee/indie perfection.

70.  Miike Snow - Genghis Khan
      This song has gotten stuck in my head various times since I first heard it, at extremely random moments and it gets stuck for long periods of time.  POP!

69.  Niki & The Dove - You Stole My Heart Away
      "And I keep dancing, by myself / to make the hurt go away, hurt go away"... YES!


68.  Morten ft. Frida Sundemo - Beautiful Heartbeat
      This song makes me want to rip my heart out and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!!  Masterful, club ready, pop banger, as they say!

67.  Daughter - To Belong
      ooooh, this song is so full of the feels.  It hit me the first time I heard it and was the immediate stand out track on "Not to Disappear".

66.  VÉRITÉ - Underdressed
      This song makes me want to go to the fucking roof and get underdressed!  YES!!

65.  Brooke Candy - Nasty
      This song is just too fun for me to pass up as a year-end best!!

64.  Michelle Gurevich - Russian Romance
      Formerly known as Chinawoman, Michelle Gurevich is still delivering the goods under her real name!

63.  Clementine and the Galaxy - Paradise
       "Paradise" is the most recent addition to this year end list.  Synth pop deliciousness like this belongs here!

62.  Bogan Via - Can't Go Back
       Inspired by the great "Stranger Things" show, Bogan Via made this standalone slice of synth pop perfection.  Thank you!

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