Saturday, December 10, 2016

Songs of the Year 2016 - Part 2

The magic continues with my 61-52 tracks of 2016...

61.  Sound of Ceres - Dagger Only Run
      This track just sends my mind wandering and I love when that happens.  This track really delivers everything that makes their debut album "Nostalgia for Infinity" so great!

60.  Of Montreal - Let's Relate
      A track for everyone to listen to and hopefully relate to...get it together humans!!  This video is everything!

59.  El Perro del Mar - Breadandbutter
       I love this new El Perro del much more oomph, and oomph is very important in the POP I love!


58.  Prince Innocence - Polished
      This song is just oozing with sexual energy/tension.  HOT.

57.  IRAH - Into Dimensions
      This song is gorgeous.  Their album is gorgeous.  David Lynch, may I suggest this amazing band for further inspiration and Twin Peaks-soundtracking.  

56.  Keep Shelly in Athens - Blue Rooms
      Released as a "b-side" to a digital single back in May, this amazing track could have easily gone missed.  Not sure why it wasn't the actual single.  So good!

55.  Hante. ft box von düe - Burning
      I promised some goth pop and here's my first offering.  Ohhh, that voice!  Ohhh, that chorus!

54.  Rebeka - Perfect Man
      Now this is synth pop!  Polish music never sounded so good!

53.  Computer Magic - Dimensions
      This year would not have felt right if Computer Magic didn't give us new music and she didn't disappoint!  Here's a dreamy beauty from her most recent EP.

52.  Fear of Men - Island
      I knew their new album "Fall Forever" was going to be great right after hearing the first verse of this beauty.  Love.

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