Sunday, December 11, 2016

Songs of the Year 2016 - Part 3

51.  Patience - The Church
      Catchy as all hell indie pop perfection.  Yes, everything!

50.  Amatorski - Hear Me
      This is the stuff of which my dreams are made.  Melt.

49.  The Hungry Hearts ft Lisa Dillan - Laika
      The only song that mattered at any stage during EUROVISION 2016!!   I don't even think this made it to the finals, and that thought disgusts me to no end!!  See below and let's demand a RECOUNT!!

48.  Humans - Water Water
      Oh my goodness, I just hit play and I need to dance immediately.  Get up and join me, NOW!

47.  Wildhart - Stuck in a Second
      Sweden is a glorious place.  Pop babies are born there everyday.  Here is a gorgeous one.  

46.  Chairlift - Moth to a Flame
      One of the earliest entries into this list, it survived the entire year against an onslaught of pop trying to push its way onto my list!  How did it survive?  It is POP POP POP, MAMA!!

45.  Liste Noire - Time Is Your Crime
      I need more songs like this.  I need more dark synth pop magic perfection to lay its spell upon me and deliver me into witchy dance move passion.  "Brace" is so good!

44.  Memoryhouse - Laney
      A very hard song to post as there's no "video" on the youtube.  Thanks to a little bit of Youtube greatness I can still present it uninterrupted if you click the nice link below!!  Fuck all your dreams Memoryhouse...give me a video for this greatness!

Click here to hear this awesome album closer!

43.  The Blessed Isles - Confession
      Oh my goodness, YES!!!   The synth pop is strong with this one!!

42.  Margaret Berger - Apologize
      It has been a long time since Margaret has delivered us an album.  Here's to hoping 2017 is the year we finally get more greatness from her!  "Apologize" has left me hungry for more!

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