Monday, December 12, 2016

Songs of the Year 2016 - Part 4

41.  Deerful - Moon Maps
       The cuteness of this track, this video, this is pure delight.

40.  Tegan and Sa ra - Boyfriend
      I never got too into Tegan and Sara but I absolutely adore their new album!  This is my fave track!

39.  Baby Alpaca - Time for Flight
       This track stands out like a sore thumb on Baby Alpaca's excellent debut album.  It's the closing track and it is the most POP track on the album and it is brilliant!!

38.  Pet Shop Boys - Groovy
      PSB delivered greatness with their new album.  Sadly, their new show didn't deliver the same and one of the main reasons is because they didn't play this POP magic!!

37.  Braids - Joni
       Art pop perfection.

36.  Invader Girl - Casio
      POP! Perfection!!

35.  Teddybears - Best You Ever Had
      This is hard-hitting synth pop...SLAP ME!

34.  Mai Lan - Technique
      Every time I hear this track, it gives me all the life I need.  This video is crazy superb.

33.  Papa Topo - Ă“palo Negro 
      Not only the Spanish party band of the year, they are THEE party band of the year with THEE party album of the year featuring this title track.

32.  The Jezabels - Pleasure Drive
      Synth pop power pop!!

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