Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Songs of the Year 2016 - Part 6

21.  Chairlift - Crying in Public
      This track is made magic through the power of Caroline Polachek's amazing voice.  She has a way with emotions.

20.  The Hungry Hearts - In Your Face (Astro Dyke Version)
      While this song may have originated four or five years ago, this specific version was released this year on the fantastic album "Dyke Forever"!  Simply put, chorus of the year.

19.  NZCA Lines - Two Hearts
      Incredibly fun song for dancing, synth pop 'til you drop!!

18.  Nite Jewel - Kiss the Screen
      Nite Jewel gives us a panaderia love affair in this delicious video for this delicious song!!

17.  Nite Fields - Voyeur
      Shadow dance goth pop perfection!

16.  James - Dear John
      James is amazing.  Sadly, I wasn't able to see them this year when they were playing across a field in England.  No matter, this song is ace!

15.  The Radio Dept. - We Got Game
      Brilliant synth pop...Sweden, need I say more?

14.  Rainbow Chan - Last
      The first entry from Rainbow Chan on this list and oh is it GREAT!  The line "and the honey on your lips was starting to drip" is so HOT.

13.  Massive Attack ft Hope Sandoval - The Spoils
      Why can't Massive Attack and Hope Sandoval just make an entire album together?  Wouldn't it all be this amazing??  Just gorgeous.

12.  Pillar Point - Dove
     One of the most gorgeous videos of the year with one of the grooviest songs of the year.  Hit play and VOGUE with me!

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